Your international cash app is here.

SavaPay allows you to transact across borders with ease. Whether you have a bank or not, SavaPay is your international cash app, powered by state of the art technology.

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We are streamlining money movement worldwide.

We are streamlining money movement worldwide.

Our mission is to make it easier for people to move their money anywhere in the world with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.

  1. Send and Receive Worldwide In Seconds

    With real-time transfer capabilities, users can send and receive funds quickly and easily, without having to wait for lengthy processing times or worry about potential delays.

  2. Multi-Currency Support

    The app can automatically convert stored currency into the local currency for easy use, making it an ideal choice for individuals who need to keep track of multiple currencies.

  3. Multi-Language Support

    This feature caters to individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds, allowing them to access and navigate the app in their preferred language.

  4. Very Low Fees

    With minimal charges for transfers, users can make transactions with greater frequency, without having to worry about incurring high costs.

  5. Vault Level Security

    With robust security measures in place, users can trust that their data and assets are protected against unauthorized access, hacking attempts and other security threats.

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Powering businesses:

Koko Palm Inn - Ghana

Our app helps Koko Palm Inn serve their international customers with ease in Accra, Ghana. With just a few taps, guests can pay for their stay and any additional services. No more complicated payment methods or currency conversions. And the best part? Koko Palm Inn is now even more convenient for their international guests, making their stays more enjoyable.

Power your business with SavaPay.
Join our network of agents and businesses.

Power your business with SavaPay. Join our network of agents and businesses.

Empower your business with SavaPay. As a member of our network of agents and businesses, you gain increased exposure and success opportunities, while also enjoying the simplicity of moving money.

We are simplifying money movement. Two apps. One solution.

We're all about making sure everyone has access to the tools they need, that's why we've built two apps on our platform. One for regular folks like you and me called Wallet, and another for businesses called Cashier. Our goal? To give the unbanked the support they need to succeed.

SavaPay Walletfor personal

Feature Complete
  • Add Funds Via Crypto
  • Add Funds Via Agent
  • Withdraw Funds Via Crypto
  • Withdraw Funds Via Agent
  • Send funds anywhere, anytime
  • Purchase goods at physical locations
In Development
  • Add/withdraw funds using Cash App (USA)
  • Add/withdraw funds using MTN (Ghana)
  • Pay businesses remotely

SavaPay Cashierfor business

Feature Complete
  • Sell physical goods
  • Withdraw funds via Crypto
  • Facilitate withdrawals to fiat
In Development
  • Process transactions remotely
  • Advertise to customer base
  • Process payroll remotely from anywhere to anyone on the platform

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